Sunday, December 24, 2023

Christmas Eve 2023

Drew and Carmen spent the night. Jack was up early and drove Sharon's car into San Francisco for work.

A Christmas Eve in two parts.

Part 1

Morgan, Clem, Lee and Daniel came over about 9:15 am. We had a nice leisurely late breakfast of waffles, scambled eggs, bacon and berries.

Afterwards, we opened presents. Lee is at a great age for Christmas. I really enjoyed; it was wonderful to have everyone together. Sharon spent a long time reading Lee from a book about mushrooms.

I talked three years ago about a sea change. While there has been a couple of interesting stretches [Tennessee], this paradigm shift continues.

Morgan, Clem, Lee and Daniel headed home in the early afternoon.

Part 2

Sharon's brother Tim had originally committed to host Christmas Eve. Coming back from Las Vegas earlier in the week, Tim and Kathy both ended up sick. After some discussion with Tom, we decided to step up and host. Will and Eileen picked up the food that Tim and Kathy had bought [ham, crab cakes and quiches] and dropped it off at our house on Saturday.

Inviting everyone to come over at 2 pm, we ended up with a group of twelve. Drew and Carmen stayed until about 3 pm. In addtion to them, the group included:: Tom; Eric and Ashley; Kevin, Leah, Lydia and Amelia; Jim, and; Sharon and I. At the last minute, Will and Eileen and Erin and Cormac texted that they were sick.

It was a nice afternoon. The weather was warm enough that we ended up sitting on the deck to exchange presents.

After everyone left, Sharon and I cleaned up and then watched episode nine of season six of the Crown. Jack got home from spending the day working in the city just before 8 pm.

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