Tuesday, December 26, 2023

The Spare Man by Mary Robinette Kowal

My second book for December was The Spare Man by Mary Robinette Kowal. Casting around at the last minute before the trip to Boston, I downloaded this book. The book was nominated for the 2023 Hugo Award and 2023 Locus Award for Best Novel.

I realized after I starting reading the book that I had read another book--The Calculating Stars--by the same author several years ago. I didn't particularly like the previous book...

The protagonist, an inventor and heiress, embarks on a luxury honeymoon aboard a spacecraft cruising from the Moon to Mars. The romantic getaway takes a sharp turn when a fellow passenger is murdered.

I have mixed feelings. I enjoyed parts of the story. Like her previous book that I read, the romantic interactions between the two main characters felt odd. With all of the build up, solving the murders felt rushed and anti-climatic. I don't recommend the book.

[Note to self], the book includes cocktail recipes at the beginnig of each chapter. I am interested in trying a couple of the recipes.

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