Friday, December 25, 2020

Christmas Day 2020

Christmas Eve and Day represented a very different experience this year. This is the first time that I have spent these holidays with both Drew and Morgan since at least 2002. Additionally, it has been more than twenty-six years since I haven't spent Christmas Eve with Sharon's family. With the first ripples dating back almost eighteen months, an enormous sea change has taken place. While the change has been favorable for Sharon and I, I honestly feel bad about the current impacts and future ramifications to Drew and Morgan.

Christmas Day morning, everyone was up and moving fairly early. We did the stockings. Afterwards, we made waffles, bacon and berries for breakfast. When we were done with breakfast, we shifted back to opening presents.

Drew and Jack spent some time in the morning flying Drew's drone. I was worried that the drone would end up in a tree, but they got some amazing footage. I will post a couple of the videos in the next couple of weeks.

Morgan, Lee and Daniel showed up a little after 10 am. Lee had lunch and then went down for his afternoon nap. Sharon and I did a Frame Family Christmas Zoom get together in the late morning.
Drew, Jack and I spent part of the afternoon playing a Game of Thrones branded version of Catan. This is not just a re-skinned version of the game. It is a substantial variation that includes a number of naunces. It actually started to make more sense as we moved through the first game. We took a break to walk Tiber. Jack ended up winning.

After Lee got up from his nap, we opened Morgan, Lee and Daniel's presents. Drew and Shannon gave Morgan a giant piano mat. I am fascinated by Drew and Morgan's musical ability. Jack is also developing some musical ability.

For dinner, Sharon served individual beef wellingtons and green beans. Morgan, Lee and Daniel took off shortly after dinner.

The rest of us finished the night watching Last Christmas. My notes about Last Christmas and our Christmas Day tradition of seeing a movie are here. After the movie, we had a nice dessert that Shannon made before everyone crashed.  Shannon and Drew spent a second night with us.

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