Thursday, December 31, 2020

New Year's Eve 2020

I have said in the past that "I have always counted New Year's Eve as my least favorite holiday." This has changed in recent years. With Drew and Shannon and Morgan and Lee close by this year, it has been a very different holiday season.

I had originally proposed going to Rattlesnake bar for a hike. Sharon counter-proposed going to Bannister Park. Jack, Drew, Sharon, Tiber and I ended up hiking 4.2 miles from Bannister Park across the American River and up river to the Fair Oaks Bridge. We headed back across the river into old Fair Oaks. We stopped for a beer at the Fair Oaks Brew Pub. Afterwards, we wound our way back to the car. I will post a map of the week in the future.

Jack, Drew and I finished the afternoon playing Game of Thrones Catan. I think that Drew won.

In the early evening, we watched the end of the Kings verus Rockets basketball game. The Kings fell just short and lost by the score of 122 to 119.

Sharon made a great dinner of prime rib, baked potatoes and brussel sprouts. We had Tiramisu for dessert.

After dinner, we ended up watching Rounders. More on the movie in a future post.

We finished the night watching fireworks from the master bedroom balcony. I continue to be amazed at the number of fireworks shows spread around the valley.

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