Saturday, March 09, 2024


Friday night, Sharon and I went to Binchoyaki. It is a modern Japanese style barbecue restaurant. The cuisine is based on a style of Japanese cooking called sumikayi ("Sumi" or "Bincho" is Japanese charcoal and "Yaki" is Grill).

We got there about 15 minutes ahead of our reservation. We were a little miffed having to stand around for about twenty minutes waiting for our table, but the food and the server (Lexi) were excellent. It was worth the wait.

We had two specials: Sake Avocado Salmon Crudo and Inegen Kaborcha (green bean and squash) Tempura. We also had a number of grilled items including some eggplant, four oysters, pork belly, and duck.

We would definitely go back. Sharon and I talked about taking the Wongs or the Habibis with us...

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