Thursday, March 28, 2024

Ancil Hoffman

After a late night with Tomasin, I was up at 6 am. I wound my way back to Carmichael.

The plan for the day was golf with the Sanborns. The Sanborns moved to South Carolina in April of 2021. They recently sold the house in South Carolina, are living in a condo in Natomas and having a house built at Lake Las Vegas in Henderson Nevada. While Sharon and I ran into Marlene randomly in 2022, I haven't seen Phil since my birthday in 2020.

The four of us teed off at 11:16 pm. Using a couple of mulligans, I ended up with a liberally scored 115. I feel like I am striking the ball better, but I remain wildly inconsistent. While I have faith in my putting, I continue to struggle with my short game inside about 25 yards. Like the last couple of rounds, I am really struggling from the tee starting about the thirteenth. I need to get back and take some more Golftec lessons!
We finished the night with dinner at our house. I barbecued a couple of filet migons. Sharon made a pasta and rice dish that Hood served us when we visited them in February.

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