Friday, April 26, 2024

2024 Sea Ranch - Day #4

It has been a hectic week. A week ago Thursday, Sharon and I played golf. Afterwards, I went into the city to pick up Jack and got home at 1 am. Up early on Friday, Jack, Larkin and I drove to Nevada and played golf. Saturday, the three of us played golf a second day in the Peter/sen Shootout in Nevada. Sunday, we drove home with a quick stop to see Morgan, Daniel and Lee. Monday, I took Jack back to the city with a stop to tour Drew and Carmen's new house. Tuesday, we headed to Sea Ranch with a stop to play golf at Northwood. Wednesday, we hiked with Holly and Van at Sea Ranch. Yesterday, the four of us played golf at Sea Ranch Golf Links. On top of everything, I have been struggling with a cold over the last four days.

We had a lazy morning and a leisurely breakfast. With Holly and Van leaving, they packed up and loaded the car.

We drove to Olhson Rec Center. We planned to walk north along the bluffs. It started to rain lightly. After a short distance, Holly and Van decided to head back to Sacramento.

Sharon and I headed into Gualala to do some shopping. After a nice salmon salad for lunch, we had a lazy couple of hours at the house. After the last week, I needed some downtime. I did a peloton strength workout.

The Gainsleys rolled up at 2:15 pm. They unpacked and got settled into the house.

Eventually, the four of us walked to lodge for a cocktail. It was the same bartender [Trace] that we met two years.

We finished the day with dinner at house. Sharon made linguine with clams. Kevin barbecued some oysters.

The four of us crashed early.

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