Sunday, April 28, 2024

2024 Sea Ranch - Day #6

After breakfast, Donna, Kevin, Sharon and I hiked north along the bluffs. We hiked as far north as Vista del Mar where Sharon and I stayed for our 20th Anniversary Dinner Party. Looping back, we stopped and had a leisurely lunch at the picnic tables near the Ohlson Rec Center. On the way back, I split off and explored the Sea Meadow Trail through Rock Meadow.

In total, we covered about 6.4 miles in two and a half hours of moving time. We probably sat for an hour at lunch...

We had a lazy afternoon back at Monette. I did a Peloton strength workout. We watched Clippers versus Mavs NBA basketball round one playoff game. The Mavs roared back from 31 points down, but fell short and lost by the score of 116 to 111. Sharon and Donna worked on a puzzle.

Eventually, we got cleaned up and drove to the Sea Ranch Lodge for dinner.

Kevin ordered a First of Bread + Castlevetrano Olives + Roasted Garlic & Balsamic Vinegar that we all shared. Donna had Carrot Ginger Fennel Soup and Grilled Focaccia.

For Middles, Kevin had Manila Clams [Green Garlic + White Wine + Tarragon]. I had a TSRL Farm Lettuces Salad [Seasoned Carrot & Pistachio + Herbed Yogurt + Lemon Vinaigrette + Feta + Dried Apricots]. Sharon had a Butter Lettuce salad [Sugar Snap Peas + Dill + Pecorino Romano + Tamari Roasted Seeds].

For Last, Sharon, Kevin and I all had the Ike Jime Local Halibut [Artichokes in Barigoule Broth + Spring Vegetables]. Donna had Housemade Wild Nettle Fettuccine [TSRL Oyster Mushrooms + Fiddlehead Ferns + Pesto of Nettles & Pine Nuts + Pecorino].

We finished the night playing Mexican Train. We played five rounds. In a fairly bizarre sequence, I won the last round and ended up winning the evening just barely over Sharon. It was after 11:30 pm by the time we crashed.

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