Monday, April 29, 2024

2024 Sea Ranch - Day #7

A lazier day...

Donna, Kevin, Sharon and I walked down to the Sea Ranch Lodge for coffee. Getting back to the house, we had a large leisurely breakfast of bacon, eggs and biscuits.

My goal for the day was to go for a run. As I have said repeatedly, with a hundred miles of trails, Sea Ranch is my favorite place in the world to run. Being able to run along the bluffs on the ocean for miles and miles is so cool.

While Donna, Kevin and Sharon went to the pro shop at the golf course and the Surf Market in Gualala, I went for a run. Heading North from Monette, I essentially covered the same ground that we hiked on Sunday. I ran for six miles in an hour and twenty-two minutes. The first three miles were into the teeth of a 20 plus mph wind. Over the first two miles, I was trying to find the right combination of breathe, pace and heart rate.

We spent a chunk of the afternoon just hanging out in the house. Sharon and Donna went for a mile and a half walk that included the Sea Meadow Trail.

In the late afternoon, we started playing Mexican Train. We took a break to fix dinner: barbecued chicken and salad.

After dinner, we continued playing Mexican Train. I ended up winning by a lot! We crashed after 10:30 pm.

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