Tuesday, April 30, 2024

2024 Sea Ranch - Day #8

We spent the morning packing and cleaning up the house. Sharon and I took a two mile hike to Sculpture Point and back. We pulled away from Monette just after 10:30 am.

It has become somewhat of a tradition to wine taste at the Fort Ross Winery on the way home from Sea Ranch. This allows us to skip the worst of the cliff section of Highway 1 between Fort Ross and Jenner. I took the Timber Cove Road up to Seaview Road, rather the Fort Ross Road that we have used in the past; it is an easier drive. Donna, Kevin, Sharon and I had a nice tasting with a food pairing.

We rolled from the winery just after 1 pm. Waze routed us from Jenner on the River Road all way to Highway 101. It then sent us down 101 all the way to 37. It is a path that we have never really taken before. There was a lot of traffic on 37 and 80. We were back in Carmichael about 4:10 pm.

I enjoyed the week. I just wish that I had felt better. Starting last Wednesday, I struggled with a lingering head cold. In spite of this, I played golf three times, did two long hikes, went out to dinner twice and went for a long run. I could have used a little more down time...

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