Wednesday, April 24, 2024

2024 Sea Ranch - Day #2

Everyone was moving slow. We had a lazy breakfast. Eventually, we got organized for a hike. We headed north along the bluffs to the Ohlson Rec Center. From there, we crossed the road and headed up into the redwoods along Hugo's Ravine before looping back. In total, we covered 6.2 miles in two hours and forty-eight minutes.

We had lunch back at the house. The plan for the afternoon was pickleball. I was feeling under the weather and ended up taking a nap. Holly and Van went to the Moonraker Rec Center and hit the ball for a while.

We had an early dinner reservation at the Sea Ranch Lodge. Van and I walked from the house to the lodge, while Sharon and Holly drove. It turned out to be a very different experience. Once a month, the restaurant has a family style dinner with large tables for locals! The food was very good.

Back at the house, we crashed early.

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