Monday, April 22, 2024

Taking Jack back to the City plus Drew’s new house

The plan for the day was to get Jack back to the city so he could work Monday afternoon. We rolled from the Carmichael a little after 8:30 am.

I had talked to Drew a couple of times over the weekend. He and Carmen had gotten the keys to their new house on Saturday. They did a walkthough with the previous owners. Drew invited Jack and I to stop by for a quick tour.

Taking 50 to 80 top 680 to 24, Jack and I pulled up to the new house about 10:15 am. It is on the opposite side of 24 from where they live now. Situated on a ridge, it has a beautiful view to the south. No one has lived in the house since November so the 1.3 acres is a little overgrown. They have some work to do.

Sharon and I are coming back in two weekends to help Daniel and Drew disassemble the wood shop.

Heading into the city, I dropped Jack at his apartment about 11:30 am and then headed home. I have done a lot of driving over the last five days!

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