Saturday, May 04, 2024

Tearing apart the Woodshop

After a night with noisy neighbors at the hotel, Sharon and I slept late. Eventually, we got organized and checked out. We headed towards Orinda. With an accident in the Caldecott Tunnel and heavy rain, it was slow going. We stopped and got breakfast at the Starbucks in Orinda.

The objective for the day was to tear apart the woodshop on the bottom floor of house that Drew and Carmen bought. Daniel is taking everything and moving the stuff to their garage in Placerville. In addition to Drew, Daniel and I, two of Drew's friends--Dan and Sharon--showed up to help.

I spent most of the first two hours pulling down ducting. The ducting was part of an air handling system that was designed to draw the sawdust away from the wood working equipment.

During a late lunch break, we celebrated Morgan's birthday. She turns 37 on Sunday.

After lunch, we started moving stuff up from shop to the truck. There is a tram/trolley along the side of the house that we used to drag most of the stuff up. The tram was slow. We carried some of the smaller things up three flights of stairs just to keep us moving.

A number of the machines were pretty heavy. It took all of us to get them up the ramp into the truck. We ended up loading almost a dozen large pieces, including a work table and a air handler. I would guess that it was more than 2,500 pounds of equipment. Thankfully, it had stopped raining by the time that we started loading the truck.

It was after 6:30 pm by the time we got everything loaded in the truck.

Sharon drove us back to Carmichael. We stopped at Mesa Mercado for a late dinner. I had chicken enchiladas.

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