Thursday, May 23, 2024

Throwback Thursday - Maxwell Rodeo - May 1979

When we were at Sea Ranch in April, we walked to the bar at the lodge for a cocktail. The couple sitting next to me at the bar asked the bartender to switch the TV from the NBA playoff game to Professional Bull Riding. The woman knew the names and backgrounds of all of the riders. Talking with them, I mentioned that a long time ago I had ridden a bull (actually a steer) at the Maxwell Rodeo. Tomasin, Nooter and I all rode. Sharon turned to me and said “I have never heard this story before!?!”

When we got home, I wondered if anyone had pictures. Reaching out to the Davis Mafia, it turned out that Tomasin does! Although it is hard to be completely sure, I believe that the first picture is me, the second picture is Nooter and the third picture is Tomasin.

a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away

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  1. Jeffrey Ragle5/26/24, 9:39 AM

    Now there is a story I would like to hear!