Sunday, May 22, 2005

Inflection Point

There is an interesting article on the PBS site entitled Inflection Point. While I am not sure that I agree with the first inflection point in the article, Microsoft taking over the hardware business. I find the other two points very interesting. First, although I am not sure where, I do think that all of the services Google is rolling out are leading somewhere. As a case in point, for the first time ever, I have switched my browser's home page from the default MSN to Google.

Second, the article says:

It [Yahoo] is trying to kill the iTunes pay-per-title pricing model, replacing it with the subscription model that has emerged as preferred by the record companies. And at $6.99 Yahoo's move has to worry Apple.

I am still not convinced that I want a subscription model. I do not think that it matches my buying habits. I tend to buy a song here and an album there. I don't want to be committed to a monthly charge. I also do not understand why the record companies prefer a subscription model.

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