Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Sacramento Kings Payroll

Kings Payroll at the end of the 2004-05 Season

PlayerAnnual SalaryContract Thru
Miller, Brad$7,875,0002009-10
Bibby, Mike$10,500,0002008-9
Skinner, Brian$4,500,0002007-08 (t)
Martin, Kevin$872,0462007-08 (t)
Thomas, Kenny$6,000,0002007-08 (p)
Stojakovic, Peja$6,875,0002006-07
Williamson, Corliss$5,500,0002006-07
Mobley, Cuttino$5,884,5002005-06 (p)
Songaila, Darius$1,600,0002005-06 (p)
Ostertag, Gregg$4,000,0002005-06
Jackson, Bobby$3,150,0002004-05 (t)
House, Eddie$745,0462004-05
Evans, Maurice$620,0462004-05
Daniels, Erik$385,2772004-05

(p) player option
(t) team option

Source: - Basketball Salaries Database

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