Friday, May 27, 2005

Sharon's Busy Day

Sharon took off early to start the day working at T0wer Records. She has done contract work for them off and on since December of 2003.

Just after noon, she headed to Jack's school to serve as the art docent for his class. She and another parent taught Lesson H which discussed how artists use simple objects, such as flowers in vases, for still life painting.

The kids learned about two artists and their paintings: Carnations and Clematis by Edouard Manet [shown below]; and Sunflowers II and Vase of Flowers by Vincent Van Gogh.

For their art project, the class created a still life "stained glass" picture of a vase of flowers.

After Sharon finished up with the art class, she headed over to the church and spent the rest of the afternoon serving as a wedding coordinator for a wedding.

We finished up the day by going out to dinner at Red Robin.

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