Saturday, November 05, 2005

2005 Soccer Game 8

Jack played in his eighth game of the season. His team played the only team that they have lost to this year. Jack played midfielder in the first half and had four shots on goal but did not score. There was also a great corner kick by one of his teammates that crossed right in front of him with an open net, but he could not get his foot on the ball. Although most of the first half was spent in the other team half of the field, his team fell behind 0 to 2 at halftime.

In the third period, Jack played fullback. His team scored two goals to tie the game at 2 to 2.

At the beginning of the fourth period, the coach's wife walked towards Jack with the goalie's jersey. My heart sunk into my stomach. Jack has only played goalie one other period this year; he gave up the winning goal in week three.

This team scored with about two minutes to go and won the game 3 to 2. Their record for the season is 8 wins and 1 loss.

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