Monday, November 07, 2005

My Life 1983

While they are not perfect, I now have pictures to represent my life from 1983 to 1989. I regret that I do not have more pictures of me with both Drew and Morgan. The fate of these pictures is a story for another day. Once I get to 1990, I have some pictures that I am very happy with and an increasingly boarder choice of pictures.

This picture for 1983 is one of two in the series to date that I do not like; the other is the picture for 1977. I know that Wallen has some pictures in storage for this time frame, but it is probably going to take a trip to the Northwest to get them.

I am going to use this picture as a piece holder for the moment. I am working to replace it and the 1977 picture with better pictures in the next year.


click on the picture for a larger copy!
Mark Heringer 1983

All of the My Life Photos can be found here.

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