Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A Bigger Bang Tour

Last Friday, Hunter called me and said "remember at Almanor when I said that I had tickets for the Rolling Stones? Well, the concert is on Tuesday!"

I ended up picking up Hunter in Wilton plus Joy, Craig and Keith in Davis. The five of us met Robbie and Snipes near PacBell Park. The weather was perfect; it had been in the mid 70s in San Francisco during the day.

It was more than a little weird to stand, listen to the music and have a beer with Robbie and Hunter. I have known Hunter since the late 1970's and Robbie since he was born. To think that Robbie is now 21 and scratching and laughing with Hunter and I makes me feel like I fell into some kind of time warp.

The Rolling Stones put on a great show. We had seats about two-thirds of the way back from the stage on the field. At one point, the band rode a stage out into the middle of the field to a point about 40 feet away from us. They performed a couple of songs before going back to the main stage. It was very cool to be able to see Mick and Keith perform up close and personal.

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