Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Kings versus Detroit

When we draw the Kings tickets each year, I try to get the first game and the last game of the season. We did not get the first game this year so I decided to buy a single ticket from Tickermaster [Section 101 Seat H-16] and go to the game by myself.

The Kings had not lost on opening night since 1997 and Detroit had not won a game at Arco Arena since February 26, 1996. Trailing by as many as 25 points in the second half, the Pistons beat the Kings by a score of 102 to 88.

The Kings looked like a couple on a first date that were still trying to figure each other out, while the Pistons looked a team that has been in the NBA Finals the last two years. Bibby and Peja slipped back into a their shooting funks. Bibby was 5 for 13 (38%), while Peja was 4 for 13 (31%).

In contrast, Maurice Evans looked great coming off the bench for Detroit. He scored 12 points in 25 minutes (Peja only had 9 points). As I said in September, I am going to miss Evans and Songaila.

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