Thursday, November 10, 2005

Wolf Den Meeting #2

We held the November meeting of Jack's cub scout den in our garage. I took responsiblity for the program and ran the boys through a number of drills to complete the Feats of Skill Achievement section of the Wolf requirements. The requirements included: (1a) playing catch with someone 10 steps away; (1b) walking a line back and forth, doing it sideways, and then walking the edge of a board six steps each way; (1c) doing a front roll; (1d) doing a back roll; (1e) doing a falling forward roll; (1f) seeing how high you can jump; (1g) elephant walking, frog leaping and crab walking; (1j) using a basketball or playground ball to do a chest pass, a bounce pass, and an overhand pass; (1k) doing a frog stand; and, (1l) running in place for 5 minutes.

One of my favorites was the walking on the edge of a board. I got a 10 foot 2x4 to use as a balance beam. It took some practice before the boys could walk the length of the board.

My other favorite was seeing how high you can jump. I put a big piece of butcher paper on one wall. Each boy got a different color crayon. From a stopped position, he would jump and see how high he could mark the wall.

All of the boys are going to sleep good tonight!

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