Tuesday, December 04, 2007

CISCO Data Center EBC

After helping get Jack to bed on Monday night, I headed for the south bay and stayed the night at the Radisson Plaza Hotel near the San Jose Airport.

I spent Tuesday at Cisco in an executive briefing titled Data Center Technologies and Futures. The agenda included: Next Generation Data Center Architecture Strategy; Data Center Technologies; Cisco Datacenter Networking Strategy and Solutions Overview; Strategy to Leverage Datacenter Networking to Lower TCO; Overview of Storage Solution Set; Virtualization Market Movement; Virtualization as a Strategic Weapon; and Virtualization Solution Areas and Roadmap.

Whenever I attend these types of programs, I try to walk away with a couple of key points. My take-away from this session was that we need to push harder to use VMWare on our production windows servers. While we are using it extensively in development and test, we are not using it on a large scale in production.

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  1. Hello Friend
    I was google'n up things and ran across your blog, and I would have to say I agree with you, Vmware is the way to go, not only do you save on power consumption but also data center rack space and manageability. I came from Golden 1 Credit Union which consolidated 80-90% of they’re servers on the virtualized platform. Being a network engineer I have sum experience with servers but mostly Cisco products; but in my humble opinion virtualization is the way to go. It integrates beautifully with the Cisco environment.

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