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2008 Kings versus Grizzlies

Every year, I try to get tickets for the Kings home opener and the last game of the year. This year when we did our season ticket draw I actually had the first pick in November but choose the Phoenix game next Friday. Jack is a huge Steve Nash fan. Afterwards, I bought a single ticket for tonight's home opener versus Memphis. Unfortunately, it turned out that Sharon was traveling for work. Combined with work, baseball, flag football, cub scouts and homework, I decided it was too much to try and get to the game tonight. I gave the ticket to Larkin. He is sitting in the fourth row center court behind the press row.

Jack and I watched the game. Here is my running diary.

Kings win the tip.
Mikki Moore scores the first two points on a put back.
Martin hits his first jump shoot; Kings 4 - Grizzlies 1
Martin with a steal from Gay; Martin misses the jump shot.
Memphis starts three rookies including O J Mayo.
9:02 in the first quarter and both teams have three turnovers.
Sacramento opens up 2 for 6 from the field.
Gay hits two free throws; Grizzlies 5 - Kings 4
Beno shoots an air ball; 0 for 2 from the field.
Beno 0 for 3.
Majo hits a three; Kings 5 - Grizzlies 8
Salmons hits a three; Grizzlies 8 - Kings 7
Hawes hits a three! Kings 12 - Grizzlies 8
At the first timeout, Kings are shooting 50% from the floor.
Martin turns the ball over.
Block by Hawes, he runs the floor and gets fouled at the other end.
3:09 in the first quarter, Thompson into the game for Moore.
At the second timeout with 2:49 in the first quarter,
Kings lead by 4, 16 to 12.
Bobby Brown two for two; Kings 20 - Grizzlies 14
Martin with a steal and a dunk; Kings 22 - Grizzlies 14
Mayo hits a three; Kings 22 - Grizzlies 17
At the end of the first quarter, the Kings lead 24 to 17. Martin has 6 points and is 3 for 4 from the field. Salmons has 6 points and is 2 for 3 from the field. The Kings are shooting 47.6% from the field, compared to 28.7% for the Grizzlies.
Douby into the game.
Kings turn the ball over for the six time. ugh.
Hawes hit a second three; Kings 29 - Grizzlies 19.
Martin, Williams, Douby, Thompson and Brown on the floor.
Martin hits his second shot in a row and has 10 points; 5 for 6.
Mayo hits his third three of the ball game; he has 11 points;
Time out - Kings 38 - Grizzlies 27.
Lowry hits a three as the clock runs down - Kings 38 - Grizzlies 30.
Time out with 5:44 left in the second quarter.
Thompson throws the ball away.
Kings with 7 turnovers and 10 assists.
Nice dunk by Thompson - Kings 40 - Grizzlies - 32
Airball by Mayo.
fastbreak lay up by Martin - Kings 44 - Grizzlies 34
Mayo hits his fourth three of the game - Kings 44 - Grizzlies 37
Mayo has 14 points.
Beautiful pass by Beno to Moore for a dunk.
End of the first half.
The Kings lead at halftime by the score of 48 to 41. Kevin Martin has 14 points on 6 for 7 from the field and 2 for 2 from the free throw line. O. J. Mayo also 14 points on 5 for 12 from the field; he is 4 from 6 from the three point line. Bobby Brown provided a nice lift off the bench for the Kings scoring 7 points on 3 for 3 from the field. Kings are shooting 54%, compared to 37% for the Grizzlies.

A rock bank, Rev Theory, is playing at halftime. It looks odd; I will have to ask Larkin tomorrow how that worked.
Start of the second half.
On the floor for the Kings are
Hawes, Martin, Salmons, Beno and Moore;
the same as the starting five.
Nice drive by Salmons; Kings 50 - Grizzlies 43
Mayo hits his fifth three; Kings 50 - Grizzlies 46
Mayo picks up his fourth foul guarding Martin.
Kings are the last team to play on their home court this season.
Nice dunk by Hawes on a pass from Moore - Kings 58 - Grizzlies 51
Fast break basket by Martin - Kings 60 - Grizzlies 51.
Time out [putting Jack to bed...]

8:05 left in the third quarter.
Tony Parker had 55 points in the Spurs
2OT win against the wolves tonight.
Martin steal and is fouled on the fast break.
Martin has 22 points on 8 for 9 from the field
and 6 for 8 from the free throw line!
Nice rebound by Hawes to start the fast break; Salmons scores.
Kings 66 - Grizzlies - 58
16 fast break points for the Kings.
Nice drive by Beno for his first basket.
Martin misses a three.
Nice drive by Beno for another basket; Kings 70 - Grizzlies 62
Salmons hits a jumper for this 18th and 19th points.
Time out with 3:20 left in the third quarter.
Kings defense looking effective for the first time in five games.
Both Martin and Salmons are knocking down shoots tonight.

Martin knocks down another jumper;Kings 75 - Grizzlies 62
Bobby Jackson enters the game to a standing ovation.
Nice pass from Moore to Hawes for a dunk.
Kings 77 - Grizzlies - 62
The Kings biggest lead of the game
with 2:24 left in the third quarter.

Jason Thompson with his third basket; Kings 79 - Grizzlies - 64
Kings only 12 for 18 from the line.
At the end of the third quarter, the Kings are leading the Grizzlies by a score of 81 to 68.
Martin hits another jumper; he has 28 points.
Mayo back into the game after not playing much in the third quarter.
Bobby Brown to Jason Thompson for a nice lay up; Kings 85 - Grizzlies 70
Nice drive to the basket by Mayo.
Martin to Hawes for a dunk on the fast break.
Another 24 second violation by the Grizzlies
Bobby Brown hits a three; Kings 90 - Grizzlies 72
Martin hits a 15 foot jumper on the fast break
Mayo with a basket.
Mayo with his sixth three pointer; Kings 92 - Grizzlies 78
time out with 5:48 left in the fourth quarter.
Spencer Hawes fouls out with 5:25 left in the fourth quarter.
Offensive foul on Moore.
A couple of offensive possessions for the Kings with no shot.
Three point for the Grizzlies; Kings 92 - Grizzlies 82
another three pointers for the Grizzlies; Kings 92 - Grizzlies - 85
12 straight points for the Grizzlies!
Beno only 2 for 8 in the game.
Thompson gets a put back and the foul; Thompson has 11 points.
Darko makes one in the lane; Kings 95 - Grizzlies 87
24 second violation for the Kings!
fifth team foul on the Kings with 2:13 left in the game.
A couple of missed Grizzlies free throws.
6 point lead for the Kings.
Mayo loses the ball on the fast break.
Mayo makes two free throws; Kings 95 - Grizzlies 91
time out Kings.
Beno misses a shot, the ball bounces around to Salmons and he dunks.
time out Grizzlies
29.7 seconds; Kings 97 - Grizzlies 91
Salmons ties up Gay for a jump ball.
Ball comes to Martin and he is fouled.
Martin hits two free throws; Kings 99 - Grizzlies 91
time out Grizzlies
22.6 seconds left
Mayo hits a jumper in the paint; Kings 99 - Grizzlies 93
Kevin Martin fouled; He misses the first and hits the second.
time out Grizzlies; Kings 100 - Grizzlies 93
Kings win 100 to 95!

Although he missed some shots in the fourth quarter, Martin ended up with 33 points on 11 for 18 from the field and 10 for 13 from the free throw line. Martin tied coach Reggie Theus' franchise record for points in an opener. Salmons also had a very nice game for the Kings with 21 points on 8 for 13 from the field and 4 for 5 from the free throw line. The Kings got very nice contributions from Hawes and Thompson.

I was very impressed with O J Mayo. He had 28 points on 10 for 19 from the field, including 6 for 10 from three point range. Interestingly, Mayo had 0 assists.

The Grizzlies have won just once at Arco Arena in 26 appearances, losing 20 in a row since the Vancouver Grizzlies' lone victory in Sacramento on April 19, 1998.

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