Saturday, November 08, 2008

November Webelos #2 Den Meeting

After a Gunners baseball practice in the morning, I took Jack to the November meeting of his cub scout den. The boys worked on their Readyman Activity badge; this is requirement for the Arrow of Light. Requirements for the badge include: demonstrating the Heimlich maneuver and telling when it is used; showing what to do for serious bleeding, stopped breathing, internal poisoning and heart attack; showing how to treat shock; and showing first aid for cuts and scratches, burns and scalds, choking, blisters on the hand and foot, tick bites, bites and stings of insects, poisonous snakebite, nosebleed, frostbite and sunburn.

Although a couple of boys have dropped out in the last year, we still have six actively participating: Jack, Chad, Cody, Tim, Johnny and Brandon.

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