Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A Talent for War

During May, I finished reading A Talent for War by Jack McDevitt. This is the first book of a series that take places in the same world with the same main characters (Alex Benedict and Chase Kolpath). Seeker, the third book in the series, won the 2006 Nebula award for best novel.

This science fiction novel is set in the distant future with humanity spread amongst the stars. Several hundred years before the time of the novel a war was fought against an alien species. The plot revolves around historical research trying to untangle the events of the war. The passage of time and the confusion of war create disinformation and confusion. Essentially, the novel is a historical puzzle with a number of interesting plots twists.

I give the book a lukewarm recommendation. There are parts of the books where the pacing is very good that I really enjoyed, but there were other parts that seemed to drag. The underlying puzzle is strong enough that it pulled me along and kept me interested until the end.

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