Saturday, June 27, 2009

2009 East Coast Trip - Day 9 - New York City

After wandering back from the Empire State Building last night, Morgan spent the night with us at the hotel. Sharon and I got up and went for a short run in Central Park. After we got back, the four of us went to breakfast in the hotel.

Sharon, Jack and I headed to Times Square and caught a Grey Line Bus. We took the bus all the way around the uptown loop to the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. Jack and I then headed back across the park to the Museum of Natural History, while Sharon toured the Met. Sharon was particularly interested in seeing the special exhibition titled: The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion. Jack and I had a great time at the Natural History Museum. We just needed a whole day, rather than a couple of hours.

We headed back across the park to meet up with Sharon. Jack had my second favorite quote of the trip. Hiking across Central Park, Jack said "I wish we had a park like this in Elk Grove!"

Catching the bus at the Met, we headed back to the hotel. Sharon had made an early reservation at Bobby Flay's Cafe Americian. While we were running much later than the reservation, we were actually able to get a table about 6:00 p.m. Sharon had a rib eye steak, while I had the Cioppino. We both probably enjoyed the meal better than the previous night at Del Posto.

Dashing from the restaurant, we headed towards Broadway. We had tickets to see Loin King. I was very impressed with the performance. In particular, the customes were amazing.

By the time that we got back to the hotel and to bed, it was after midnight.

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