Wednesday, August 04, 2010

2010 Lake Shasta Day 5

We got out on the water before 9 a.m.; the earliest time so far this week. Jack, Drew and I went out on the Tomasin boat with Tomasin, Chris, David and Rachel. Everyone except me wakeboarded. Jack went twice. This is the fourth day in a row that Jack has been out on the wakeboard. He is really enjoying it and trying hard to emulate some of the stunts of the older boys.

After a quick bite to eat, Tomasin, Chris and I headed to the store. There is actually a small market in Lakehead about two miles from the resort. It is my turn to make dinner so I wandered the store trying to figure out what they had that I could make into a dinner to feed 30 people.

It was a very lazy afternoon with a number of me, including me, taking naps in their cabins. A group eventually headed down to play horseshoes.

Starting in the early afternoon, I worked on pulling together dinner for the group. I made a large salad, buttered sourdough, spaghetti, meat sauce and sausages. Drew and I fired up the coals and Jack helped Drew cook the sauages.

After enjoying the evening on the patio, almost everyone headed to the Basshole Bar & Grill. We spent a couple of hours playing pool. I played with Snipes and Jenny. It is honestly the worst that I think that I have ever played. Julie and Mikey rolled back from Windsor and made a quick stop. It was after midnight by the time we headed back to the resort in a whirlwind of drama...

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