Monday, August 02, 2010

2010 Lake Shasta Day 3

Today was a great example of why I have spent a week with this group for 23 straight years...

Up early Sharon and I wandered into Lakehead to try and find somewhere to get coffee, while Janie and Jack slept. We ended up at the Camp Shasta Coffee Co.

Back at the cabin, Wallen and I headed out for a five plus mile run south on the road in the front of the resort. This quickly turns into a forest service road with some great views of the lake. I will post a map of the run over the next two weeks. It was a great run. This is a better place to run than the running on the highway along the eastern shore of Lake Almanor. I work hard all year long so that I can run with Wallen three or four times a year.

From there, Jack and I went out on the Tomasin boat with Tomasin, Chris, Kurt, Keith and Craig. Craig wakeskated, while Tomasin, Chris, Kurt and Jack wakeboarded.

Eventually, we caught up with Hunter. Moving people around, we picked up Loren, Morgan and Danny. Danny put on a spectacular wakeboarding display, including hitting a flip. I shot a bunch of video with the Flip camera and hopefully will post some great video in the near future.

Heading back to the dock, I met up with Sharon and Janie. They had done some shopping. The plan for lunch was to take everyone out on the lake and barbecue hamburgers. We found a spot to land the two patio boats and the two ski boats. We spent an nice afternoon barbecuing and swimming in the lake.

Back at the resort, Sharon, Janie and I took the patio boat out for a late afternoon drift. When I got back to the cabins, David and his girlfriend showed up. Julie and Mikey headed back this morning for football practice.

We finished the night on the deck with chicken enchiladas for dinner that the Wallens made.

All and all a great day on the lake!

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