Thursday, August 05, 2010

2010 Lake Shasta Day 6

In a number of ways, this year at Lake Shasta has been very different than the previous years at Lake Almanor. There has been more emphasis on the boats and the lake. In previous years at Lake Almanor, we would play golf once or twice and Jack and I would ride our mountain bikes a couple of times. Lake Shasta is also warmer and calmer than Lake Almanor. Most days, it would get windy in the afternoons at Lake Almanor; Lake Shasta stays calm almost all day which gives everyone a much bigger window for going out on the boats.

While Jack slept until after 9 a.m., Drew went out on the Tomasin boat and wakeboarded. I started the day with a five mile run south of the resort. I could actually see Tomasin's boat on the lake from the road.

Back at the cabin, a large group hung out at the Tomasin's cabin while Julie made breakfast. Jack was not happy that he had missed going out with the Tomasin boat.

Chris eventually took the Tomasin boat back out with Danny, David, Rachel, Jack and I. Danny, Chris, David and Jack all wakeboarded. This marked Jack's fifth straight day of going out and wakeboarding.

As we pulled back into the resort, Jill was loading up a group on the patio boat. Jill and I ended up taking out a group of 10 kids on the patio boat, including Chris, Mikey, David, Rachel, Danny, Loren, Morgan, Keith, Drew and Jack.

We headed north of the resort and benched the patio boat in Doney Creek. Everyone swam and played catch with a rugby ball. Nate's dog roamed the beach. Drew and Nate took out their guitars and played for about 45 minutes. All told, we spent almost three hours hanging out. It was a wonderful, relaxing afternoon.

Jill promised Tomasin that we would be back by 4:30 p.m. We gassed up the patio boat at Antlers and then headed back to the Tsasdi Resort.

The plan for the evening was head into Redding dinner. Sans the Tomasins, we had a group dinner at Gironda's. I had some seafood risotto that was not very good. Afterwards we met at Tomasin's mom's house for dessert to celebrate David's graduation from Mississippi State.

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