Sunday, August 01, 2010

2010 Lake Shasta Day 2

Rather than hiking, Sharon decided that she and Janie would like to spend the day on the lake. After late breakfast and a quick stop at the market, we ended to Antlers and rented a patio boat for the next couple of days.

Sharon and Janie drove the boat back to the Tsasdi Resort. One of the differences between The Dorado Inn and this resort is that it is a long way from the cabins on the hillside to the boats on the lake.

Chasing after the Hunter boat, we spent a great afternoon on the lake. Jack wakeboarded behind Hunter's boat. We barbecued on the patio boat and had a late lunch with Hunter, Debbie, Loren and Danny. Tying the two boats together, we drifted and swam in the lake.

Dragging everything back up to the cabins, I got a chance to visit with Tomasin and Snipes on the decks outside the cabins. The Snipes ended up with probably the nicest cabin: #15.

We finished the day on the deck with a late dinner. Julie and Joy had a great Mexican meal of tamales and enchiladas.

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