Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nevada Historical Landmark #196

When Larkin and I were in Carson City for Rod's golf tournament, I wandered around the downtown one morning after breakfast looking for waymarks, including a pony express stop, the state capitol and the mint.

The United States Mint
Carson City, Nevada

Nevada Historical Marker #196

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This marker is located about 100 West Robinson Street, Carson City, Nevada. There are 25 other historical markers in Carson City County. The GPS coordinates for this location are N 39° 10.035 W 119° 46.035.

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Nevada Historical Landmark #196

The original Carson City building is a formal balanced, sandstone block edifice, two stories high with a centrally located cupola. The sandstone blocks were quarried at the Nevada State Prison.

On March 3, 1862, Congress passed a bill establishing a branch mint in the Territory of Nevada.

The output of the Comstock Lode coupled with the high bullion transportation costs to San Francisco proved the necessity of a branch in Nevada.

From its opening in 1870 to the closing of the coin operations in 1893, coinage amounted to $49,274,434.30.

Nevada Historical Landmark #196

Nevada Historical Landmark #196

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