Friday, August 06, 2010

2010 Lake Shasta Day 7

Earlier in the week, Wallen and I talked about doing a longer run. We took off early Friday morning and ran slightly more than six miles south of the resort. As we were getting close to the resort on our way back, we passed Tomasin heading out.

Back at the cabins, everyone was moving pretty slow. With most of the kids sleeping late, none of the boats ended up going out in the morning.

Drew was planning to take off for a concert at the Greek Theater, but wanted to play some horseshoes. He rousted David out of bed and we eventually got David and Tomasin down to the horseshoe pits. Tomasin and I beat David and Drew two straight games. We ran away with the first game. Trailing 12 to 5, we came back to win the second game by a score of 21 to 17.

Drew took off a little after noon. It was great for Jack and I to have a chance to spend a few days with him.

Hunter spent the morning rounding everyone up to go out on the lake for lunch. While we were playing horseshoes, all of the boats took off. Loading up an ice chest, I eventually got Tomasin to take me out to meet up with the group. I had assured Tomasin that I knew where they were, but as we got closer it looked like they might have gone somewhere else. I was relieved when all of the boats finally appeared around the corner.

We spent a great afternoon barbecuing, visiting and swimming in the Lake. Wallen's brother Bill joined the group in their boat with his wife and three kids. We probably spent almost four hours on the lake.

Heading back to the resort, Jill and Snipes took the patio boat back to Antlers, while Wallen and I planned to drive around and pick them up. Passing the Basshole Bar and Grill, we saw Tomasin getting out of his car. We stopped and eventually convinced Tomasin to join us at Klub Klondike. While I waited with Tomasin, Wallen ran back and picked up Jill and Kurt.

Klub Klondike has a shuffleboard. I have always loved playing shuffleboard. Jill and Tomasin ended up beating Kurt and I two straight games. At this point, we decided just to bring everyone there for dinner rather than work to pull together a left-over night. Tomasin and I drove back and picked up our kids. Although dinner included some drama, we had a great meal. I had barbecued pork ribs (bone in), beans and a salad.

The Klub Klondike also has karaoke. With Hunter leading the way, this led to a group rendition of You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'.

Tomasin, Julie, Jack and I headed back to the cabins and crashed early.

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