Thursday, September 05, 2013

2013 Jesuit Fall Baseball

After not making the soccer team, Jack went out for Jesuit fall baseball. There are about 45 sophomores, juniors and seniors out for the squad. At this point, Jack believes that there is only going to be one fall ball team. He thinks that there will be cuts, but that the squad is going to be larger than a normal spring roster. There are inter-squad games for the next two days.

Jack will playing in a Super Series tournament with the Outlaws this weekend at Mather. It will be the first time that he has had a chance to play with Trevor since fall of 2012. Additionally, we have made a commitment to the Walbeck Academy for the next year. Jack will be playing three tournaments with Walbeck Elite this fall: one in September, one in October and one in November. In all likelihood, Jack will play with the Walbeck college prep team again next summer.

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