Friday, September 20, 2013

ESPN Films - Nine for IX - The 99ers

I watched The 99ers twice: once by myself and again with Sharon. This is the eighth film in a new series from ESPN films. Called Nine for IX (as in Title IX), the series includes films about women made by women.

The 99ers looks at the women's soccer team that won the 1999 World Cup at the Rose Bowl. The film uses two different vehicles to advance the story.

First, eight of the women from the team had a reunion at the Rose Bowl. They sit as a group on the field and talk about their experience.

Second, Julie Foudy who was the team captain took home video over the course of the 1999 World Cup run. Foudy also serves as the narrator of the film. The behind the scenes video is mixed into footage of the games and the footage of the women sitting and talking. The blend results in a very effective story.

There is some amazing footage of the games and the massive crowds at the games. The short footage of the finals game in Pasadena is remarkable.

I recommend the film. I previously watched Abby Head On. Wambach belongs to the generation of players that followed the 99ers. Abby Wambach appears in a short segment of The 99ers having lunch with the 1999 team. Although Abby Head On is not as powerful as The 99ers, I will probably try to get Sharon to watch that film with me.

The 99ers is available on iTunes.

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