Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

After running the Run to Feed the Hungry, we spent the rest of the day getting the house cleaned up and dinner prepared.

With Kevin and Leah getting married on Saturday, we hosted a large group for Thanksgiving. It is the largest group that we have ever had for a dinner. The group included: Tom, Becky, Kevin, Eric, Tim, Kathy, Eileen, Janie, Jim Dunn, Leah, Leah's father and mother, Leah's uncle and his wife, Leah's sister and her four year daughter, Sharon, Jack and I. Nineteen people in total! With all of the leafs in the two tables and using the folding chairs we have, we can actually seat twenty people...

People started arriving about 3 pm. With Leah's uncle and his wife flying in the afternoon, we had a late dinner [6ish?]. Sharon got a couple of Turduckens with Cajun corn bread stuffing.

Leah's four year old niece had a great time playing with Tiber. Leah's sister lives in France. Walking Tiber on the leash in the front of the house, I realized that the four year old spoke only French.

We finished the evening watching the 49ers getting beat up by the Seahawks [19 to 3]. The 49ers looked pathetic.

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