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California Historical Landmark #288

Back working in Sonora in June, July, August, September, October, November and December of 2014, I started exploring the California Historial Landmarks in Calaveras County. Sites that I visited included: Valley Springs [#251], San Andreas [#252], I.O.O.F. Hall [#256], Fourth Crossing #258, Congregational Church [#261], Stone Corral [#263], Chili Gulch [#265], Jenny Lind [#266]; Mokelumne Hill [#269]; Pioneer Cemetery [#271], Douglas Flat [#272]; Carson Hill [#274], Robinson's Ferry [#276], Angels Camp [#287], Altaville [#288], Vallecito Bell Monument [#370]; Old Mining Camp of Brownsville [#465], Red Brick Grammar School [#499], Angels Hotel [#734] and Birthplace of Archie Stevenot [#769].

California State Historical Landmark #288

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This landmark is located at the intersection of State Highways 49 and 4, Altaville, California in Calaveras County. There are 40 other California State Historical Landmarks in Calaveras County. The GPS coordinates for this location are N 38° 04.775 W 120° 33.308.

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California Historical Landmark #288

The history of Altaville is closely identified with that of Angels Camp. Altaville has been the foundry town of Calaveras County since D. D. Demerest established a foundry there in 1854. Most of the stamp mills and a large part of the mining machinery erected in Calaveras and Tuolumne Counties were built at the Altaville Foundry. A brick schoolhouse was built at Altaville in 1858 and the townsite was established in 1873.

California Historical Landmark #288

Altaville Foundry & Machine Works
Founded by J.M. Wooster
EST. 1854

Is the site of the longest running continuously operated foundry west of the Mississippi River. All quartz machinery needed for the numerous mines surrounding the Altaville Angels Camp area was cast here. It previously known as Altaville Foundry and Machine Works, Angels Iron Works, Calaveras Iron & Steel Co., and last California Electric Steel Co. Previous owners: D.D. Demarest & T.H. Fullen 1860, Lawrence Monte Verda & Demarest Family 1892, Lawrence Monte Verda Family 1928.

California Historical Landmark

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