Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sharon and Janie's European Vacation - Day 12

This was a long travel day for Sharon and Janie from the Burgundy region of France up into the Swiss Alps. Sharon spent almost two months off and on trying to sort out all of the train connections. As a travel day, it reminded me very much of our day from Reims to Chamonix in 2006.

They returned the Hertz rental car to the Dijon Railway Station. Sharon said that it was a nightmare trying to find where to return the rental car.

They caught a 9:36 am TVG high speed train through Vallobre to Lausanne.

They then caught a 11:45 am train from Lausanne to Montreux. Texting from the train, Sharon said that she had "never seen anything as beautiful."

This was followed by a 1:44 pm train from Montreux to Zweisimen and a 3:38 pm train from Zweisimen to Interlaken OST. They finally got to Interlaken at 4:49 pm.

From there they took a local train to the chalet in Lauterbrunnen. They have rented a chalet for four days.

Unfortunately, the chalet reeked of fuel oil. They opened the house up and went to dinner at a nearby hotel. When they got back from dinner, the smell was still bad. Although I counseled Sharon just to get a room at the nearby hotel, they ended up spending the night. I am not sure what they are going to do for the next three nights!

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