Sunday, September 20, 2015

They're Home! [Sharon and Janie's European Vacation - Day 17]

Up at 4:30 am local time, Sharon and Janie caught a 7:30 am flight from Gevena to London. With a short lay-over, they caught a flight from London to San Francisco. They landed in San Francisco about 1:15 pm.

I left the house in Carmichael at 10:30 am. It took me 3 1/2 hours to drive the 100 miles to the airport. The world is a parking lot...

Sharon called me just as I parked in the garage at the international terminal just a little before 2 pm. I walked in to the terminal, dragged their luggage to the car and started back to the Sacramento.

Dropping Janie off at home, we were home just a little before 5 pm. I am looking forward to seeing more of the pictures!

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