Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2015 Carmel again Day 3

Sleeping late, we had breakfast at the hotel. Afterwards, we drove down to the Carmel Beach and walked to the south end with Tiber. We walked back to the car along the path on the street.

Packing up the car, we rolled from the hotel a little before 11 am. I decided to take 101 through Morgan Hill to 680 to 80 rather than 156 to 5.

We eventually stopped for lunch at the Lazy Dog Restaurant in Concord. We had lunch on a dog-friendly patio.

There was some traffic on 80 at the normal gore points. We got back to Carmichael about 4 pm. It was about a 5 hour trip home, including almost an hour and a half stop for lunch. This is almost the same travel time that it took us to get to Carmel via I-5 and Pacheco Pass.

I enjoyed the trip with Tiber enough that I can see Sharon and I doing some kind of short trip with him again...

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