Sunday, October 02, 2016

2016 Fall Dinner Party Day 3

2016 Fall Dinner Party Day 3After a couple of late nights, Sharon and I slept pretty late. Eventually, we wandered over the Kyuka house a little after 9 am. Donna served a great breakfast casserole for everyone.

The plan for the day was golf at the Sea Ranch Golf Links course. We had two foursomes. Sharon and I played with Gainsleys, while Joe and Rod played with Sanborns. The group headed to the golf course just before 10 am. We had tee times at 11 am and 11:10 am.

Using a number of mulligans, I ended up with a very, very liberally scored 98. Given that I haven't played since Rod's tournament in April, I actually felt like I struck the ball pretty well.

Sharon had worried about the weather for two weeks; it was supposed to rain on Sunday. It turned out to be a beautiful day. Additionally, we had the course completely to ourselves. We didn't see anyone else until a twosome came up behind us on the 17th hole. Donna dropped after the front nine and headed back to the house. Although Sharon talked about playing only 10 or 11 holes, she ended up playing the whole 18!

I played with Golfshot pro running on my watch. The watch gave me distances to the hole and allowed me to enter my score right on the watch. I didn't have to take the iPhone out of my pocket. I was very pleased with how it worked. It looks like there are a number of other features on the watch that I need to figure out how to use. I will post the Golfshot Pro scorecard in the next two weeks.

After getting cleaned up, I walked from Vista del Mar to Kyuka carrying Alexa.

Larkin and Gainsley cooked a great tri-tip for dinner.

The Renterias, Sharon, Janie and Liz ended up heading back to Vista del Mar house fairly early. I stayed and hung out with the group.

About 11:30 pm, I started walking back. Without a moon, it was pitch black. Using my iPhone as a flashlight, I found my way. I called Sharon and had her flash the lights in the house once I got close to make sure that I wasn't going into the wrong house!

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