Monday, October 03, 2016

2016 Fall Dinner Party Day 4

Fall Dinner Party Day 4

Sharon had been fretting over the weather ever since she could see the fourteen forecast. Sharon was worried that the weekend was going to be cold and rainy. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the weather was very nice. We got a little bit of rain on Sunday morning. We woke up Monday morning to a steady rain. It rained off and on over the rest of the morning.

The Renterias headed home early. Afterwards, Sharon and I went out for a thirty minute run in the rain. Getting cleaned up, we started packing up; we had to be out of the Vista Del Mar house by 11 am. The Larkins and the Gainsleys both stopped by to say goodbye and headed out.

The Sanborns showed up about 10:40 am and we started loading up their truck. We pulled away just a little before 11 am. We dropped the key for the Kyuka house back in Gualala and headed back towards Sacramento.

We won't use the Vista Del Mar house again. While the master bedroom was nice, the kitchen was not good and needs to be substantially updated.

With the Sanborns in tow, Sharon, Janie, Liz and I stopped at the Hartford Winery. Noel had recommended this winery when we had him for dinner in September.

The winery recommended the Backyard in Forestville for a late lunch. I had a buttermilk fried chicken sandwich, while Sharon had Tim's burger. The food was very good.

Back in the car, we wound our way through Santa Rosa, down 101 to Petaluma, across 116 to 12 and then on to 80. I avoided 37. The traffic was actually a lot better than I expected, particularly through Davis and on to the causeway. Nevertheless, it was just after 6 pm by the time we got home.

I was an extraordinary weekend!

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