Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Death's End by Cixin Liu

My book for March is Death's End by Cixin Liu. This is the final installation of a trilogy. I read the first book, The Three-Body Problem, in May of 2015. I finished the second book, The Dark Forest, in February of 2016.

Death's End has a number of interesting ideas, including 2-dimensional and 4-dimensional space, a "Black Domain" with reduced light speed, lightspeed by curvature propulsion and trails left by curvature propulsion.

The plot of all three books revolves around a race of aliens called the Trisolarans. It was a little dissatisfying to me that over the course of the three books you never really met these aliens or any of the other aliens that populated Liu's universe. I guess that is part of the point of the "Dark Forest" analogy.

Overall, I enjoyed this book a lot more than than the second book. Although reading the first two books provides some background, this book could stand on its own. I give it a strong "B". I wonder if Liu will write any other books set in his universe...

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