Wednesday, August 02, 2017

200.3 Miles

Coming into July, I set a running goal of 155 miles for the month. With five full weekends, a mid-week holiday and Sharon gone for eight days on the cruise, it seemed like an opportunity to push up my mileage. Additionally, I felt out of sorts last fall and wanted to see if I could improve my fitness a notch or two.

I was so far ahead of the pace for my goal in the middle of the month when Sharon came back from the cruise that I decided to shoot for the moon. I ended up running 200.3 miles in July. This is just under 6.5 miles a day for 31 days. My records go back to the beginning of 2005 when I started to train for the American River 50. The most miles I have previously done in a month in the last twelve and a half years was 190. Additionally, I only reached 180 miles twice in that 150 month period.

I amazed at how good my body feels; my hips and knees feel great. I started the month with a pair of Hoka running shoes. I have run in Nike Air Pegasus for more than twenty years. Earlier this year, both Larkin and Wallen recommended Hokas and I decided to give them a try. I am very pleased. I give the Hokas partial credit for my ability to turn the 200 miles.

I can't carry the speed that I could ten years ago. I tend to warm up and cool down for extended periods on the treadmill. Outside, I walk and stretch in the middle of a run. As Jack said when we were running in Amsterdam last year, "you have one gear, but, damn, you just keep going." My motor is definitely a big diesel engine at this point.

I am ready for the Camino... Too bad we can't leave tomorrow.

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