Sunday, August 06, 2017

Sanborns plus Frame Family Dinner

Staying overnight at the Sanborns, Sharon and I slept fairly late. Eventually, we got the group rallied and went to breakfast at the Catta Verdera Country Club with the Sanborns and Gainsleys. After breakfast, we wandered home.

While Tom and Eric were hiking the Camino, Tom sent a group text saying that he wanted to start a monthly Sunday afternoon family dinner. He has been trying to do it the first Sunday of every month.

Sharon and I headed over to Tom's a little after 2:30 pm. It was a big group, including Tom, Eric, Kevin, Leah, Lydia, Leah's mom Terry and dad Steve, Leah's niece Bella, Tim, Kathy, Erin, Erin's boyfriend Cormac, Eileen, Eileen's boyfriend Will, Sharon and I. Tom served an assortment of pasta and sauces.

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