Saturday, March 31, 2018

2018 East Coast Easter Trip - Day 4

Although I didn't think that it was possible, we slept later on Saturday morning than we did on Friday morning. It was almost 8:30 am before we started to stir. Eventually, I ran across the street and got Starbucks for breakfast.

The plan for the day was seeing the Mets play the Cardinals at Citi Field. Jack has been a Cardinals fan for as long as I can remember. He actually texted me from train on Thursday suggesting that we see one of the games. Last year, we saw the Nationals play the Phillies on Easter.

We walked to the subway station at 57th and 7th. From there, we caught a train to Times Square and then a 7 train towards Queens. Packed with Mets fans, the train made more than a dozen stops before getting to Willets Point stop.

We got there early and had a chance to wander around the stadium. We had some great aisle seats in section 114, row 13, seats 15, 16 and 17.

2018 East Coast Easter Trip - Day 4

The Mets won the game by the score of 6 to 2. deGrom started for the Mets, while Wacha started for the Cardinals. Yoenis Cespedes homered for New York, while Matt Carpenter homered for St. Louis. It was a reasonably entertaining game that slipped away from the Cardinals in the later innings.

2018 East Coast Easter Trip - Day 42018 East Coast Easter Trip - Day 4

After the game, we caught an express train back to Manhattan. We got off at Grand Central station and walked back to the hotel.

We had Chinese food for dinner at Phillipe Chow. We finished the night watching Villanova bury Kansas in a barrage of three point shots.

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