Saturday, September 15, 2018

A Night Under the Stars

Night Under the StarsSharon and I went with Sanborns to A Night Under the Stars BBQ Gala at the California Aerospace Museum. The Sanborn's friend Dave and Beth also attended. We were all sitting at at the Placer Valley Sunrise Rotary table. This fundraising event supports the museum’s hands-on STEM educational programs and is their biggest fundraiser of the year.

Quest also had a table. Sam Samms was there. He said that this was their fifth STEM event.

Before dinner, we wandered through and into the planes and helicopters outside. After dinner, five awards were presented. Although Sharon and I didn't know it ahead of time, the second award--the Bob Hoover Dreams Take Flight Award--was to be given to Harrison Ford. When they got to his award, the emcee said "Harrison Ford couldn't make because he is too tired from working on his current movie." They showed a very short clip of him speaking and went on to the next award. I got the feeling that there were a number of people who felt that they had been bait and switched.

After the awards, there was a band playing outside. The night ended with a spectacular fireworks display.

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