Sunday, September 23, 2018

Catta Verdura Couples Guest Day Tournament

Sunday afternoon, Sharon and I played in the Couples Guest Day Tournament with the Sanborns at the Catta Verdura Country Club. The Sanborns are members. We played nine holes here last year right after the Sanborns moved into their new home.

The format was a couples shamble. Each couple played their ball from the best drive of the couple. The score for the hole was the resulting best individual ball. The tournament was really designed for players with an established handicap. Unfortunately, neither Sharon or I have an official handicap.

Feeling very under the weather, I really struggled to get going. The format also made it hard for me to settle into any kind of a rhythm. On a number of holes, Sharon and I were picking up our balls.

The Sanborns both played very well. They have been playing a lot of golf. Thanks largely to Marlene's handicap, we ended the day with a team score of 58. I think that we only ended up using Sharon or my ball on the par three 6th... Sharon was very strong off the tee. She ended up winning the closet to the pin on the Par 3 6th hole.

We finished the day with a buffet dinner and awards ceremony at the clubhouse. The Sanborns are taking off on Monday and Tuesday to play in two day tournament at Saddle Creek!?!

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