Thursday, September 20, 2018

Morgan and David are getting married in October

My daughter Morgan and her fiancé David are getting married in October.

Sharon and I visited them in New Hampshire last year. We toured their new home and took them to dinner. At the time, Morgan said “I hope that you can make it to the wedding.” We offered to pay for a significant portion of the wedding costs.

Unfortunately, the situation quickly turned ugly. My ex-wife Alison decreed that I would not be invited. I have been told that she threatened to have security guards to make sure that I don't attend.

Last November, when Wallen and I were in DC visiting Rob shortly after this started to unfold, I was angry and planning to go to war. Over the ensuing months, I have gotten lots of solicited and unsolicited advice. I have ended up in a very different place.

Although I have made mistakes, I have worked hard over the last thirty years to be a steady presence in Morgan and Drew’s lives and contribute to the best of my ability. I am profoundly sad that we have ended up at this place.

I wish Morgan and David a joyous and beautiful wedding day.

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