Friday, February 14, 2020

Valentine's Day 2020

After Sharon and Janie spent the day in Napa shopping and wine tasting, Sharon met me for dinner at Plan B. There was a fixed menu. Sharon had crab fritters, a butter salad, poached salmon and a chocolate mousse, while I had Kumamoto oysters, soup, pork tenderloin with prawns and a raspberry cheesecake. While I probably shouldn't have, I was surprised how busy the place was!

Over the last year, we have had a nesting pair of Great Horned Owls move into our neighborhood. Sharon has adopted them as her totem. I got Sharon a stuffed Wild Republic Audubon Birds Great Horned Owl and the book [The Great Horned Owl: An In-depth Study] as well as a printed list of Alexa commands to control SmartThings.

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